About daftdog

When you call daftdog, it will be me you talk to. When you use daftdog, it will be me doing the work. I will be responsible for your project from start to finish. No excuses.

Daftdog - A small team, supplying big results.

Daftdog is the brainchild of Steve Cuthbertson.  That's me.  After doing what others wanted me to for years, I'm now doing what I want.  And I'm loving it!
When I design I provide creative solutions that empower organizations with the perfect tools to connect people to their vision and use the internet as a platform to communicate their message effectively.  When I provide support, I provide a tailored service that matches your needs.  I strive to provide the highest level of service for every one of my clients, and to make the development of long standing relationships a priority.

To keep me busy when away from Daftdog and the team, I also have a number of slightly more unusual pets.  As well as the team and two cats, I have a Barred Tiger Salamander called Frank, and a tank full of tropical fish gently bubbling away behind me in the office.
In the small amount of free time that I seem to get when I'm away from Daftdog I relax by reading, listening to music, indulging myself with astronomy and photography, and I watch the occasional hour or two of TV or a movie.  I spend time interacting with my family and pets, and using the internet for social networking and general browsing.  A love of good food and company lends itself to frequent dinner parties with friends and family, and a waistline that dog-walking hardly touches.  Web design and support doesn't mean I have to be 'geeky' all the time!

Feel free to join me on Twitter (@SJ_Cuthbertson) but be warned it is both my business and personal account. so it can sometimes be a little grittier than a normal business account. Bearing that in mind, I'd love to see you there.

I would love to help you with your project or problem.  Contact me any time to see how I can be of service, and if you want to meet and happen to be in the Kingston upon Hull area, give me a shout.

The boss & the daftdogs

Steve Cuthbertson, Boss of Daftdog

  Steve Cuthbertson

  Boss & Ring Master.

Yukio, level-headed companion and pack-leader



ZiB, chief mischief-maker and softy



Orson, master of attitude


  Loud and fluffy.,